7 Steps to Become a Perfect Student

Everyone wants to become a perfect student. If you are reading this article, chances are that you have the same goal. It’s not an easy task though, especially with classes like math and science which require a lot of studying and memorization. So how can we become perfect students? How do we make sure that our grades never slip below an A+? That’s what I’m going to cover in today’s blog post!

Step 1: Keep Your Room Clean

It might sound like common sense but it is important for your mental health as well as your grade point average (GPA). If you’re living in a mess then there will be distractions everywhere; making it hard to focus on school work. To-do lists for assignments will get lost underneath dirty clothes. You might end up spending 30 minutes looking for a pencil that you need right now but can’t find since it is buried underneath 5 pairs of shoes. That’s the last thing you need as a student!

So keep your room clean and organized. Don’t leave anything lying on the ground whenever you’re done with it. Put toys away in the cupboard. Hang up your clothes when you’re done wearing them. Become a perfectionist and leave nothing out of place!

Step 2: Get Plenty of Sleep

Many students fail to get enough sleep at night because they think that staying up all night completing assignments is going to be more productive than going to bed early and waking up refreshed for class. This might sound like a good plan, but it’s not workable in the long term. Once you do get behind on your studies then it becomes harder and harder to catch up each day which can make you lose motivation fast. Furthermore, lack of sleep has been linked to poor grades in tests due to decreased ability to concentrate during the exam.

The recommended hours of sleep are 8 per night. If you’re not getting enough in, then start going to bed earlier and setting your alarm clock to wake up at least 30 minutes before class starts so that you can get ready for the day in peace.

Step 3: Stay Healthy

Your health is directly linked to how well you do academically. It’s extremely hard if not impossible to focus on studying when you’re sick because all you want to do is curl up in bed with some soup or chicken noodle soup (depending on how sick you are) and watch Netflix. To improve your chances of staying healthy it’s important to eat a balanced diet filled with fruit and vegetables, drink plenty of water throughout the day, get at least 15 minutes of exercise per day, and get plenty of sleep.

If you’re already sick then take the time to eat nutritious food and go to bed early so that your body has time to recover without stressing about homework or tests.

Step 4: Become a Perfectionist

Okay, this might sound like something impossible for most people, but trust me it’s not! To be a perfectionist means creating high expectations for yourself which usually results in only wanting to complete work once or twice before moving on to other tasks. This will prevent you from procrastinating since there’s no point if the work isn’t perfect yet! It also helps you improve your chances of getting an+ by catching mistakes before handing in the paper. 

To become a perfectionist it’s important to look over your assignments multiple times, ask for help from friends or teachers if you don’t understand something, and learn from mistakes that you make by going back and fixing them before you give up completely. That way next time it will be perfect!

Step 5: Become an Early Riser

Not only will this help wake you up each morning so that you have plenty of time for breakfast and getting ready, but being an early riser is one of the best ways to get ahead in school. If you go to bed early enough then it should be easy to get up earlier than most other people which gives you more time to complete homework or study for tests. I wake up at 6 am every day since I go to bed around 10 which is perfect for me. 

If you struggle with waking up early then try setting your alarm clock for 30 minutes earlier than usual each time until it starts to feel natural. If you’re already getting plenty of sleep then there’s no reason why you can’t become an early riser!

Step 6: Get Organized

It’s extremely frustrating when you spend 30 minutes looking for a misplaced assignment or textbook only to find out that someone else in your room took it without telling you. Become organized so that you have less stress dealing with schoolwork and so that other people stop using your stuff as storage space. It also makes it easier to hand in assignments on time when you know that all of your books, notes, folders, and everything else is in one place.

Step 7: Become an Expert Time-Waster

There are so many different things to do each day that it can become difficult to manage between schoolwork, hobbies, sports, or other activities. Become an expert time waster by planning what you’re going to do for the day ahead of time so that there’s no confusion on what gets done first or last. I plan out my schedule for Mondays through Thursdays since weekends are more casual but feel free to plan them however you want!

Planning also helps you save money because if something doesn’t fit into your schedule then you won have any reason to buy it.

Being an expert time waster takes some practice but once you get it down then you’ll be perfect!

Step 1: Become Physically Healthy

Health is extremely important in school because your body needs to be alert and ready for learning throughout the day. Become physically healthy by eating nutritious foods that are high in vitamins, drinking at least 8 glasses of water each day, getting at least 15 minutes of exercise per day (or 60 minutes when possible), and sleeping well every night. This means going to bed early enough so that your body doesn’t stress about needing more sleep when it’s time to get up, and waking up early enough so that your body isn’t sluggish in the morning.

If you can manage all of these things then congratulations! You’re already one step closer to becoming a perfect student. It might be tough at first but once it becomes a habit then staying physically healthy will only take around 15 minutes each day!

Step 2: Become Mentally Healthy

As well as working hard with your schoolwork you mustn’t stress yourself out when trying to complete tasks or studying for tests. Become mentally healthy by taking frequent breaks, doing something relaxing for 5 minutes after an assignment before starting another one, and having fun whenever possible.

I like to play video games after finishing all of my work in the evening before I start studying for tests but you can do whatever makes you happy!

Step 3: Become Socially Healthy

When it comes down to it, school is all about making connections with other people so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t strive to improve your social life. Become socially healthy by talking with friends at least once per day (even if it’s just for 30 seconds), joining clubs or organizations that interest you, and cramming when necessary because sometimes grades are more important than socializing.

If you’re not the type of person who enjoys spending time around people then that doesn’t mean that your social health is bad! Become socially healthy by working on your communication skills and learning how to interact with people positively.

Step 4: Become Financially Healthy

Most of us won’t be able to attend school for free and that means that we’ll need to buy books and supplies throughout the year. Become financially healthy by creating a budget, finding ways to save money when possible (such as buying used textbooks instead of new ones), and cutting out unnecessary expenses like magazines or texting plans. At the end of each month, I add up my total expenditures and compare them with how much money I made so that there’s never a negative balance. If you’re not good at math then find someone who is and have them help you!

Step 5: Become Relationally Healthy

Let’s face it, relationships are hard to maintain at the best of times but when you throw school into the mix then it can be even more difficult. Become relationally healthy by talking with your parents about how they feel about your social life, communicating with your friends constantly (to avoid any problems), keeping in touch via phone or email daily, opening up to people if necessary, and making time for loved ones whenever possible. If something is bothering you then it would be unwise to bottle up those feelings because eventually, everything will explode. It might take some practice but once you get good at these things than maintaining relationships won’t be so hard!

Step 6: Become Spiritually Healthy

Last but not least, the final step to becoming a perfect student is by becoming spiritually healthy. Become spiritually healthy by attending church or synagogue whenever possible (if that’s what you’d like), talking with your spiritual leader about any problems you might be having, finding a way to help others if possible, and working hard at all times because God isn’t going to reward laziness. If you need help then ask for it from those around you!

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