Education and Intelligence are two different things

Have you ever wondered whether your education boosts or dulls your god-gifted intelligence? Well, education and intelligence are two different things.

There are some correlations between these two. But your pure intelligence is mostly unaffected by what you learn in school.

How would you define education and intelligence

Education is when you learn something by reading, listening, or watching. While intelligence is the capability to learn something. The more intelligent you are, the faster you can learn new skills or solve problems quickly.

Intelligence does not depend on repeated efforts. But education is all about repeated efforts. We use these efforts in our everyday life e.g

  • Retaining knowledge by reading, again and again,
  • Learning complex skills like skating, swimming, surfing, knitting, sewing, etc by repeated exertions.
  • Even remembering a phone number or a particular route requires recurrent attempts.

Persistent efforts form new connections in the brain and strengthen them. So, next time the brain performs that task smoothly.

In neuroscience, education is forming these connections. And intelligence is how much time it will take to form them. So, eventually, many people have an equal chance of excelling at something regardless of their intelligence.

What’s necessary to succeed in life; Education or intelligence?

It may seem obvious to say that one succeeds in life only when he possesses high intelligence. But, in reality, it’s not true.

Dedication and consistent endeavors are, indeed key to success. It is not just a quotation but a proven fact now.

Einstein had an IQ level of 160 which is much less than the highest IQ level ever recorded i.e 210. But still, he is considered to be the greatest genius of the 20th century.

Recent research has found that being emotionally stable i.e. having a high EQ(emotional quotient) increases your success rate by 50 %. So, being just intelligent is not the only solution. You’ll have to master your emotions, compulsions, and laziness to succeed in life.

Your marks can’t dictate your intelligence

Schooling and education are necessary for current society. But this is not an ideal way to determine one’s intelligence. Your high school marks can never tell about your actual intelligence and potential.

We get an education just to know how things work. But real intelligence lies in manipulating those rules and inventing new loopholes. These loopholes can make history that no one ever thought of. So, this shows how education and intelligence are two different things.

Many successful people in the world did poorly in school. But eventually, the world had to kneel before their intelligence. e.g

  • Bill Gates who held the title of the richest man in the world from 1995 to 2017, was a college dropout
  • Richard Benson, a businessman having a net worth of 4.4 billion dollars, dropped high school because of his dyslexia. Again it proves that less education is not a sign of less intelligence.
  • Einstein dropped out of high school at the age of 15. He did this because he didn’t like the orthodox way of education he received. It is also known that he was a master in physics and math but did poorly in other subjects.

Recent research has found that people with high intelligence sometimes get low marks. That’s because conventional education is not challenging enough to spark their interest. So, they get bored easily and lose focus.

So, next time, if you get low marks in any subject, don’t get disappointed. Believe in yourself, pursue your interest and success will be at your feet eventually.

Interest in the field matters

You can’t expect yourself to be brilliant in something unless you have a passion for it. Intelligence is useless if the subject doesn’t intrigue your curiosity.

If one has an interest in a subject, he always strives to be better at it. He is ready to give time and focus to it. And also these types of persons look for innovations which then lead to discoveries.

In the history of science, many discoveries and inventions were due to the passion of those working for it. e.g:

  • Alexander Flemming discovered penicillin after world war I. He had a passion for ailing humanity. He used to work all day in his lab when a stroke of luck hit him. So,even God gifts those who deserve it.
  • Einstein was just a clerk.He worked in The Swiss Patent office in Bern. But the passion for physics led him to be the greatest scientist ever.


You shouldn’t just focus on the orthodox education given in schools and colleges. If you really wanna break new grounds, you’ll have to think out of the box. Think something new, something big.

Education and intelligence are two completely different things. You mustn’t let your education limit your intelligence. You have more potential than you have been given credit for.

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Written by Imran Mahmud

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